Cordflon™ standard thread sealing monofilament for metal and plastic threaded pipe joints. PTFE thread sealant monofilament for sealing metal & plastic threaded pipe joints mainly used for standard mechanical applications.

Cordflon ™

  • 100% PTFE product.
  • PTFE thread sealant monofilament for sealing of metal & plastic threaded pipe joints.
  • Tested and certified to many international standards. (WRAS, BS standard BS7786:2006 - grade H)
  • Manufactured exclusively by Resitape in Italy and available as a co-branded product.
  • Cordflon(TM) is a PTFE monofilament technically vastly superior to other coated filaments such as Nylon.
  • Cordflon(TM) replaces all standard grade of PTFE thread seal tapes.
  • Cordflon(TM) is the next generation of PTFE thread sealant, that can replace all standard thread sealing tapes.

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Cordflon ™

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Chemical industry
Home appliances